List of exhibitors 2016

*Non exhaustive and evolutive list until 2 weeks before the event


Activity: ADHIS is specialized in converting and distributing Adhesive solutions (adhesive tapes, die-cut parts, glues), Surface treatment solutions (abrasives, individual protection equipment), Insulating systems (insulatives, components and resins) and  Technical Films (Tedlar®,…).


Activity: Manufacture of plastic parts : machining, injection, thermoforming, stamping, thermoset, composites, ... The Sintex NP Group operates in France, Germany, Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary and Slovakia) and in North Africa (Tunisia and Morocco). It supplies manufacturers in the car manufacturing, electrical/electromechanical equipment, aeronautical/defense, household appliances, medical, sport and leisure and other sectors.

Innovation or innovative process : Additive manufacturing - Hybrid stamping.


Activity: The test centers and the non-destructive control centers of Airbus Defence and Space offers you to deal with the totality of your test campaigns, from the material characterization all the way down to the global validation of the system, and from the smallest pieces all the way through to big dimension complete systems. As an expert and partner, we support you in the most standard developments but also in the most complex ones. 7 Control and non-destructive and testing centers of Airbus Defence and Space, provide their resources and skills in order for you to meet the expectations that your activities ask for. Airbus Defence and Space offers a wide range of dynamic, modal analysis, pyrotechnics, static, statico thermal, climatic, material characterization, pyrotechnic, thermal vacuum, and EMC testing. For any of your special and dangerous testing campaigns, Airbus Defence and Space offers PRIMEVERE, a dedicated zone for energy risked and pollutant tests, which is equipped with an innovative identification and treatment system for any kind of gas. Airbus Defence and Space, looked upon as a reference in the Non-Destructive Control domain thanks to its mastering of all the control techniques (radiography, CT, Ultra Sound, Shearography, Eddy Current, 3D scanning ...), offers to verify the integrity of your products.


Activity : Air Precision /CAC designs and manufactures sliprings for demanding environments for more than 50 years. We develop and manufacture in France our specifi products which meet requirements for aerospace, naval and défence applications. Our avionics, connectivity, slip rings and microwave systems for air and space platforms are at the leading edge of technological development. In the fields of defence, security and commercial aerospace, the innovative, high performance solutions we provide enable our customers' assets to perform to their maximum potential. Design and manufacturing of navigation and landing lights for aircrafts.


Activity: Creaform develops, manufactures and sells portable 3D measurement solutions, application software platforms and dimensional metrology services for industrial applications. Backed by a strong reputation for accuracy and reliability, Creaform has been working with leading aeronautics companies such as Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and CAE, and we were able to position ourselves as a performing and trustworthy aeronautics provider of 3D engineering services and portable 3D measurement devices.

Innovation or innovative process : The HandySCAN 3D handheld scanners of new generation have been optimized to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

Creaform’s flagship metrology-grade scanners underwent a complete re-engineering, building on its core assets. They are now more portable and they are faster at delivering accurate and high resolution 3D scans while remaining overly simple to use. Yet, it is their true portability that has changed the rules and set a whole new trend in the 3D scanning market.


Activity: Atmel Aerospace propose some semiconductors solutions  Processors, ASIC, FPGA and memories for Aerospace and Hirel applications. With more than 25 years experience in the Aerospace domain, Atmel is introducing his Rad Tolerant Microcontroller product range based on ARM & AVr cores in order to cover time to market and cost effective LEO space and critical avionic applications.


Activity: Aurock is specialized in the design, sizing and manufacture of technical parts in refractory concretes. The creation of Aurock in 2007 is the result of 10 years of research in the materials laboratory of the Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, still a partner of Aurock. This collaboration enables Aurock to go on with the development of more and more efficient materials in the field of refractory and to diversify the areas in which they can be used and improve the processes rearding hard metals, including titanium alloys.

Innovation or innovative process: Superplastic forming by IR heating.


Activity: AXE works for civil aviation and military aviation and specializes in small and even very small series for the aeronautics or space. AXE carries many pieces cut into the ground in a variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastic or inconel. AXIS manages its client matters park to ensure the upstream and downstream traceability of batches and total control of the cutting parameters which directly depend on the surface conditions.AXE Group companies are integrated machining. Depending on the site, they specialize in prototypes, micro and small series, medium series, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic mainly in milling, turning, 3 and 5-axis wire EDM or in sinking. The sites are equipped with CAM to ensure compliance models from CAD and coordinate measuring machines to monitor compliance with the tolerances.


Activity: BeAM is a French company manufacturing industrial metal 3D printers/additive manufacturing machines using the LMD technology (Laser Metal Deposition). BeAM's machines allow a layer-by-layer metal deposition in order to manufacture and repair parts, but also add functions and shapes on already existing parts directly from a CAD file. Thanks to the feedback from its industrial partners, BeAM has developed innovative repairs of critical parts, but also qualified aeronautical repairs at the world’s highest level of additive manufacturing qualification. BeAM is working everyday on the development of new industrial applications for aeronautic, aerospace, defence, nuclear and Oil & Gas sectors thanks to its ecosystem of partners. The machines that meet these new requirements are designed and manufactured through an ecosystem of partners.


Activity: Leader on the international market, in terms of the development, production and distribution of rubberised, coated and calendered fabrics. The Group's dominant position in the market, along with its good reputation, is the result of an uninterrupted success based on a dynamic continuous development and improvement of its technological know-how and industrial skills. Concentrated efforts on protection of the environment and technical solution aiming to provide an optimal solution in terms of eco-compatibility, today's major industrial challenge. The constant attention on customer requirements in order to always meet market demands, the unceasing search for innovative solutions and the permanent technical control of raw materials, makes the Bobet Group a reliable a reference partner on this market.


Activity: Public research laboratory in electronic, microelectronic, optronic, development in MEMS, NEMS technologies, The CEA LETI (Laboratoire d'Electronique des Technologies de l'Information) is developing innovation and transfer to industry. More than 85% of his activity is done with private industry. CEA Leti is responsible each year for the development and transfer of innovative technologies in a wide variety of sectors. In addition to Leti’s 1,500 employees, there are more than 250 students involved in research activities, which makes Leti a mainspring of Innovation expertise. Leti’s portfolio of 1,500 families of patents helps strengthen the competitiveness of its industrial partners. During AERO’NOV, we will lead a conference about innovations developed in term of antenna and propagation channel, complexe electronic systems (energy recovery, communication autonomy, miniaturization, objects functionalization).


Activity: Realization of sheet metal assemblies and subassemblies. Rank 1 with Airbus Helicopters and Turbomeca Stelia. CMA has recognized experience in the manufacture of metal parts through the laser cutting, aviation boiler making, mechanical welding, assembly, machining and industrial painting.


Activity: Consulting and integration of additive manufacturing solutions. Creatix3D is an integrator of 3D printing solutions to meet the needs of the industrial field but also the ones of architecture and design. Creatix3D offers a large range of 3D machines to answer your needs in terms of finishing, materials, colours, simplicity and rapidity of your 3D realizations. Creatix3D is also able to advise you regarding optimized software solutions for 3D Printing.


Activity: Combining the know-how of high precision in a small dimension, Cryla conceives and realises micro technology components and subsets for the industrial sector with high technological value and in particular the medical, aeronautical and defence sectors. Thanks to their means of research and development, their investment in innovation, Cryla takes on numerous technological challenges every day and provides a tailor made solution for each project.

Innovation or innovative process : micro mechanical components.


Activity: Expertise and technolgy innovation in plastics and composites.  CTIPC is expert in selective laser melting (SLM). Exeprtise in the following fields: materials, processes and tooling (injection and compression) - Design and simulation - Complete development of products and related processes - Plastronics (polymers functionalization) - Composites (smart and hybrids) - Recycling.


Activity: Dejond Fastening Systems is an EN9100 certified industrial supplier of high-value fastening systems. Since 1999, we have been developing, producing and supplying technically advanced high-quality fasteners for the aerospace and defence industries, including the Tubtara® blind rivet nut range manufactured in our EN9100 certified production facility in Wilrijk near Antwerp. In close contact with their customer-partners and the Dejond R&D team, our application engineers have been offering different innovating fastener solutions for safety-critical body and wing assemblies. We are a certified Airbus (Common Vendor Nr 304142), Bombardier and Embraer supplier.


Activity: Del West Engineering, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-end precision products for commercial and industrial use. Long a dominating presence on the racing circuits, it is now bringing a new breed of metal matrix composites to markets such as aerospace, medical devices and luxury, Swiss-precision watches.


Activity: Machining of parts for aeronautics - Milling up to 3300 mm in 3, 4 and 5 axis - Turning up to 500 mm diam and 3000 mm long - Aluminium and hard materials - Specialist of critical parts. Machining per customer design - Small and medium size batches, AOG - Flying parts, critical parts, equiped parts and subassemblies - Parts provider for all Airbus, Dassault and ATR programs - Available capacity.


Activity: Company specialialized in aeronautic engineering.


Activity: With 40 years of experience, ECRIN Systems has built its development around three major activities to become a key player into Embedded:

  • «Ready to Application» COTS and MOTS systems,
  • Subcontracting and ODM services,
  • COTS building blocks and system integration.


Activity: Emitech is the french specialist in tests and certification. From toys to aircraft's subparts, all electrical products need our services. The Emitech specificity is to support all the manufacturers, suppliers, importers or resellers of electrical equipments: Certification - Mandatory requirements before and/or during the marketing of products - general public, medical, industrial, telecom, ... like CE Marking for the European Market. Qualification - Tests specifications fixed by a buyer to its suppliers such as automotive, military, aeronautical or space qualifications.


Activité : EnerBee is a startup specialized in energy harvesting. The company is developing a ground-breaking micro generator enabling to replace batteries in consumer and industrial smart objects using the power of motion. Through the implementation of its multi-patented technology, EnerBee intends to leverage this technology to become the pacesetter for autonomous smart-objects power supplies. The company is targeting an enormous market encompassing several billion internet-connected or wireless-communicating objects—wristwatches, handheld medical or sports devices, smart homes and buildings, RFID tags, automobile sensors, industrial systems and more—where demand for autonomous power supplies is soaring.

EnerBee has presented its first product at CES 2016: a dimmer module, which can wirelessly control residential or commercial lighting without the need for batteries or modification to existing wiring. Such a device can simplify wiring designs, reduce installation and maintenance costs, and provide greater future flexibility for commercial and living space.


Activity: Offering the opportunity to an expert to visualize a situation/terrain remotely through connected glasses. This is the solution developed by the young company Singularity Insight, first active in video games and that found applications in the aviation industry. It connected glasses system offers the user the ability to remotely view the ground without moving. Site / office communications are thus revolutionized by the simple activation of a button and a plug and play deployment. Experts do not need to move, their expertise is accessible anywhere, anytime. This solution primarily interested for aircraft maintenance as well as other industrial sectors.


Activity : Festo is a worldwide leader in automation and a world market leader in technical training and development. Festo develops pneumatic and electrical drive and control technology for factory and process automation – from individual catalogue products to ready-to-install systems. Our expertise is the automation of production facilities for assembling and carrying aircraft . But also coaching with training in lean and supply chain management.


Activity: FILAB is an independent laboratory providing analytical services, materials characterization and applied research services to industrie, in the fields of Fine Chemistry and Materials (metals, polymers...). Founded in Dijon in 1979, FILAB has seen strong and continuous growth over the last 10 years (growing at a rate of 15% a year). We remain a relatively small operation, but our independence and constant investments in the very latest technologies guarantee RESPONSIVENESS AND RELIABLE RESULTS. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is located in the heart of a business park dedicated to chemistry, less than 2 hours from Paris, Lyon and Geneva (laboratory of 1,600 m², 30 people among 5 Ph.D and 6 M.Sc in chemistry and materials). 800 clients of all sizes (large international groups, SMEs, engineering consultancies, experts, public and private laboratories) choose to work with us.


Activity: Frec|n|sys designs, fabricates and commercializes passive RF components based on elastic wave transducers and acoustic vibrations. The company, is exploiting technological equipment for the fabrication of surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators, filters and sensors addressing all applications requiring such components. This technology platform is equipped with high-precision non-contact lithography machines, thin layer deposition and surface micro-machining facilities (wet and dry – plasma aided – etching) and several characterization set-ups. This technology allows frec|n|sys for managing prototype and small series fabrication but its ambitions push to acquire more experience for producing larger series. In that context, the company develops new competences in the field of MEMS, particularly for the fabrication of composite materials combining piezoelectric thinned wafers bounded to any single crystal wafer.


Activity: GAIA CONVERTER is specialized in designing of DC/DC converter products from 4W to 200W for ground and embedded systems. Gaia Converter is recognized as a Leading Manufacturer of High-Reliability DC-DC Converter products, PFC Front End modules and related input protection devices. Strongly focused on power modules, Gaia Converter has developed over 3500 off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for a wide range of aerospace and military, transportation and industrial applications, from 4W to 350W or more. Gaia Converter is recognized as a Leading Manufacturer of High-Reliability DC-DC Converter products, PFC Front End modules and related input protection devices. Strongly focused on power modules, Gaia Converter has developed over 3500 off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for a wide range of aerospace and military, transportation and industrial applications. Gaia Converter provides standard off-the-shelf power solutions designed to withstand the rigors of avionics/defense, transportation and hi-rel industrial applications. Gaia Converter products are utilized in modular power architectures that are proven to comply with the most stringent EMC/EMI, Transient and permanent conditions standards.


Activity: Glenair is a privately-held company whose strengths include ISO 9001 process quality, full-spectrum product lines, fast "turnaround" on quotes and custom orders, unsurpassed sales and technical support in every major market in the world, and the industry's largest standing inventory of commercial and Mil-Spec electrical connector accessories. Our connectors, backshells and interconnect cable assemblies are all made either in America or in our facilities in Mansfield, England or Bologna, Italy. From experimental high-altitude aircraft such as the ground-breaking X-15, to today's International Space-Station, Glenair has been a key supplier of space-grade interconnects and accessories since the early 60's. Glenair built "The Golden Umbilical" life-support cable which was used by Cmdr. Ed White on the first space-walk. We make the connector savers that protect space shuttle umbilical cables on every launch. Glenair composite thermoplastic strain-reliefs lighten the load of every interconnect harness on the International Space Station. And our space-grade Micro-D Connectors and Cables are employed on dozens of commercial and military communications satellites.


Activity: INITIAL, leader in France in product development, manufacturing and Additive Production, is the center of design and production of parts PRODWAYS group INITIAL joined in March 2015 Prodways Group, a subsidiary of Gorgé group. Founded in 1991, the company has developed various areas of activity, providing a total solution: Office studies for product development - Scan 3D for 3D file recovery from existing forms - 3D printing Prototyping & Additive manufacturing plastic and metal - Vacuum casting for the production of small or pre-series of plastic parts - aluminum or steel tools manufacturing thermoplastic injection and small series in good material. The applications of additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector are many and are now adapting to different environments. We work with materials compatible with the standards in force and high-precision printers.


Activity: A global offer to discover new manufacturing technologies, perform your developments and prototypes thanks to industrial means from the most standard to the most innovative (Metal additive layer manufacturing shop - Innovative forming and welding processes (EHF, MPF, MPW) - Rapid foundry - Machining), to design, prototype, characterize and industrialize your products and take advantage of a single expertise network.

Innovation or innovative process :

  • Characterization of metal melted by SLM technology (Selective Laser Melting, 3D printing).
  • Developments on Magnetic Pulse Welding and Forming (MPW and MPF).
  • Developments on Electro-Hydraulic Forming (EHF).


Activity: Intespace is a service and testing engineering company that supports its customers all along the products lifecycle, from design to installation. the copmany is organized around 3 complementary activities in tha fields of Space, Aeronautics and Defense : Environment testing - Dunaworks (for data processing) - Engineering.


Activity: Machining and integrated special processes (CND, HVOF, Shot Peening, paints). Its offer is composed of the following services: value analysis on draft, rapid industrialization, cost optimization for series, forecasting management…ITS Fusion is also specialized in the supply of thin walled parts.


Activity: Company specialized in the areas of data acquisition and processing systems, bus recorders, airborne recorders, signal conditioners, telemetry and behavior sensors. JOHNE + REILHOFER is at your disposal to advise you on your choice of materials, but also to study and realize your specific integrations and software developments.Trading and technical assistance on data acquisition hardware. The company also offers kilss in embedded tests and trials.


Activity: JOUSSEAU Group is a subcontractor in the fields of machining, general mechanicsand mechanical welding from 200 to 2800 mm in small, medium and large series, to meet the needs of major contractors rwith the best conformity, productivity, flexibility and reactivity conditions. Thanks to its 4 production sites, the group combines various skills in the fields of mechanical welding, painting, assembly and specific services.


Activity: KNF develops, produces and distributes high-quality diaphragm pumps and systems for gases, vapors and liquids. They are available as built-in pumps for OEM use as well as for process applications and laboratory use. The independent KNF Group comprises 16 companies and five production sites worldwide. KNF France, founded in 1968, is responsible for sales and production of a range of small gas pumps and KNF motors.


Activity: Kontron, a global leader in embedded computing technology and trusted advisor in IoT, works closely with its customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies by offering a complete and integrated portfolio of hardware, software and services designed to help them make the most of their applications. Kontron has 30+ years experience building ultra-rugged computing platforms designed for commercial and defense applications, and is uniquely positioned to address the needs of the In flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFE&C) market. With a thorough understanding of engineering high-performance, mission critical computers deployed in harsh environments, Kontron has a skill set perfectly matched to the needs of the commercial aerospace industry and is the ideal partner to bring your IFE&C system to life. As a premier supplier of integrated hardware systems for the commercial aerospace industry, products include critical system components to enable in-flight broadband services including: Internet, VPN access, email, multimedia capabilities, video-on-demand, games and additional entertainment choices in a fully-integrated wireless cabin over a broadband air-to-ground or air-to-satellite link. Kontron’s customer base includes aircraft manufacturers, sub-contractors and OEM/IFE systems manufacturers.


Activity: LA PRECISION manufactures components for embedded hydraulic systems (servo valves, solenoid valves, ...) electrical systems, gyroscopic and guiding systems. We built our core business by machining metal parts. Today, we associate it with innovative technologies in order to satisfy the present and future needs of our customers. We permanently conduct continuous improvement programs, in order to develop high level services in terms of quality and punctuality.


Activity: Based in Aquitaine, LISI AEROSPACE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING combine the exclusive knowledge in design and production of additive manufacturing parts. The objective of LISI AEROSPACE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING is to bring this new manufacturing process to an industrial scale, compatible with the technical and economic requirements of major customers.


Activity: Mader is a specialist in the fields of high tech industrial painting and composite resins. Research and Development and innovation are key factors in the positioning of the Mäder Group. Thanks to its innovation, high-quality products and high level of service, the Mäder Group now occupies a strong position on all its highly diversified customer markets.


Activity: Supplier of  products and technical solutions for:

  • metalworking:  machine tools accessories (special aircraft angle heads), tools pre-setting et measuring, high speed spindles, special aerospace grinding air turbine).
  • environment: air, dust, VOC,liquid  and mist aspiration - without consumable liquid filtration - aluminium and titanium chips traiment -  special applications on aircraft post assembly.


Activity: As an international company, MEN offers a wide product range of embedded, robust, reliable and modular boards and systems for harsh, Mobile and Mission-Critical Environments. Development in France and Germany, high quality production in Germany, full traceability and long term delivery with obsolescence management are some strength of the company. MEN DO-254 and DO-178B compliant and EN/AS 9100 certified electronics are embedded in airbone computers for civil aircraft and air traffic management.

Innovation or innovative process: FPGA chip with AFDX-protocol (ARINC-664) which can be adapted to AFDX/CAN, AFDX/Standard Ethernet, AFDX/ARINC 429 gateway solutions - DAL D certifiable/prepared for DAL A.


Activity: MICEL is specialized in converting and cutting of a full range of materials for the composites industry and aerospace manufacturing: Technical films (Tedlar®,…) - Flexible and rigid insulating materials - Resins and varnishes - Adhesive solutions (adhesive tapes, die-cut parts, glues). Films, insulatives and adhesives are available in rolls or in Taylor-made solutions.


Activity: MIKROMA, European leader in the Aerospace precision machining; historically based in France, with production sites in Poland and Morocco. Has a supply chain from co-design to logistics through machining and surface treatment (integrated). Dimensional capabilities milling from 100m to 3000mm x 1250mm, turning, surface treatment, and assembly, 150 CN. Components machined in series, mainly in aluminum but also titanium or stainless steel. Validated in surface treatment with OAC, OAS, Passivation and Surtec in Aeronautics. Assembly of sub-components with traceability and control (actuators ...).

Innovation developed : Integration of dye penetration and Magnetic articule inspection (Not Destructive Control) for end of 2016. Opening Mikroma AEROSTRUCTURE (Poland) in July, for large parts.


Activity: Multi-Contact is a leading international manufacturer of electrical contacts and connection systems. The company was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1962, and has been part of the Stäubli Group since 2002. Stäubli provides innovative mechatronics solutions in four dedicated divisions: Electrical Connectors, Fluid Connectors, Robotics and Textile. With a global workforce of over 4,500 employees, the Group has a presence spanning 25 countries, and a network of agents in over 50 countries.


Activity: Nabertherm with 450 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to our complete inhouse production and our wide variety of standard furnaces. Supply of machine working for aircraft industry.


Activity : Novitom is the world leader specialized in advanced 3D material characterization and NDT powered by synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography. Pioneering service provider, Novitom uses cutting-edge 3D non-destructive tools and develops specific measurements and protocols to meet its customers’ needs in terms of characterization of materials and control of products or processes.


Activity: Design, integration, test & qualification, in-service support of electronics equipment, harnesses and wired structures for aerospace & defense applications. Among the services offered by NSE: Design of NSE products, build-to-print, build-to-spec - Integration of electronics & wired systems - Manufacturing of cables / harnesses - Test & qualification (DO-160 / MIL-STD) - In-service support: MRO & logistics support…


Activity: With a global presence, Nicomatic (ISO9001:2008 & EN9100:2009) designs & manufactures innovative rectangular micro connectors & switching solutions for harsh environments. With full in-house manufacturing & design our products are: High performance connectors (CMM, DMM, Microflex), FFC & Jumper cables, components for man-machine interface & custom made connectors. For the aerospace field, Nicomatic proposes the following skills: electrical core, on board electronics systems, flight deck instrumentations & calculators, lighting systems, power supply control, FADEC & IFE.

Innovation or innovative process: mix-layout & rugged connectors.


Activity: Situated in Bordeaux (France), OliKrom supports industrial companies from all sectors, in their innovation approach thanks to intelligence of colors. OliKrom assures development of the pigment to adaptd solution (inks, paints, masterbatches, ...) with change of properties (color, luminescence, ...) with temperature, light (UV / visible / IR), pressure, ... The knowledge on color intelligence of OliKrom brings differenciation, added value, innovation, to new or existing indutrial products. OliKrom acts as a partner from helping you elaborating your specifications, to feasibility tests and industrialization of production. After this process, OliKrom's production unit delivers inks, paints, masterbatches adapted to your industrial process.


Activity: Design and manufacturing of systems for measures and control specialized. In over 40 years, One-Too has become a key player in the design and production of systems for the acquisition, evaluation and characterization of physical scales. This know-how springs from proven methodologies, but also a carefully maintained state of mind. One-Too’s know how is expressed in 9 fields of expertise : Mechanics - Electronics - Optics - Automatism - Hydraulics - Pneumatics - Electricity - Industrial information - Acoustics. The One-Too method therefore combines the qualities of the global approach with the finesse of cutting edge expertise. Internal skills are linked with an external co-contracting strategy encompassing, notably, precision machining, thermo forming, laminating, injection, fine sheet metal work, three dimensional control, conventional electronic cards are surface mounted components (CMS after their French initials), …


Activity: Company specialized in conception and production of technical and high performance plastics. PFB offers machining and boiler-making services to transform these materials and high performances plastic materials on semi finished product, as well as machining of parts following drawings. We supply aircraft manufacturers.


Activity: Plastifrance proposes over 7000 plastic components for the protection of your parts during transport, masking ... To meet all your needs, our components are also designed for finishing (handles, tips ...) and we offer a wide range of  cable management products (cable glands, grommets, plugs, clips and rivets ...). Our team is at your disposal to advise you on the best part for your application. Plastifrance offers to its customers in aerospace parts protection for transport, surface treatment and final coating. With parts that meet the standards of the aviation industry (MIL, ASA...), Plastifrance is able to meet the requirements of contractors and their subcontractors. Plastifrance customers include Eurocopter, Pattonair, Augusta, Dassault Aviation, Snecma .... Several parts are referenced by NATO.

Innovation or innovative process:



Activity: PRECI-DIP packs unequaled expertise into cutting-edge interconnect components. Advanced designs, top materials and incomparable Swiss precision developed by men and women driven by passion and know-how. Key data for one of the world's leading producers of screw-machined contacts: 25'000 m², more than 20'000 different products, R&D supported by state-of-the-art CAD systems and 3D projections. Our company meets with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 9100, ISO/TS 16949 and MIL-Standard 790.


Activity: CHRocodile sensors and sensor systems of Precitec Optronik are technology and quality leaders on distance and layer gauge measurement. The stand for robustness, dynamics and the highest precision. Preferred area of application: the nanometer to centimeter range. We measure with extreme precision. And that even "Inline" during the production process. That in turn means: Our measurements are not only absolutely exact, but also extremely fast. This way you are able to detect deviations as soon as they occur.


Activity: Company specialized in plastic and metal 3D printing, PRISMADD proposes a global offer for highly technical industries.PRISMADD is equipped with various tools, including a 3D Systems ProX 300 (titanium, Inconel), a Stratasys Fortus 900 (Ultem, polycarbonate) and scan hardware. These high quality machines, both in highly precise and performant, are ideal for metal fabrication.


Activity: Production, development and distribution of high performance thermal and acoustic insulation solutions.


Activity: Reactiv'IP offers innovative and optimized solutions for image processing in 2D and 3D. In response to the increasingly complex image analysis requests, Reactiv’IP develops a new generation image processing library. Now in C++ and Python, IPSDK is positioned as the most powerful image processing library, with 10x to 100x speed-up over commonly used libraries. Furthermore, the implementation of its algorithms allows you to enjoy all the most recent advances in this field. Reactiv'IP positions itself as the must-have partner of your R&D team.


Activity: RM System offers complete and innovative solutions for the insulation of vehicles : Purchase of matters, cutting, kitting, delivery on customer site and installation... RM System is specialized in the branch of the railway subcontracting, with a fifteen years old knowledge and experience with the biggest railway companies. RM System operates on the assembly line at the customer's site and is able to take simple and occasional operations as well as complete installation positions under its responsibility. For example,  integration of seats, laying of picture window, paste of flooring, etc. RM System proposes to its customers a simple and reactive organization, as well a unique interlocutor for defining missions and objectives.


Activity: S2P is a specialist in designing Smart Plastic Products, also called 3D-MID or Plastronics devices. From Idea to industrialization, prototyping and pre serial production, our pluridisciplinary team in electronics, mecanics, plasturgy help you in co-developping or expertising your products. From specifications or ides, we propose technical solutions for 3D, complex shapes, small spaces with elecronics needs.


Activity: Something new is happening in the landscape of French competitiveness hubs: SAFE Cluster (Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth), was born from the merger of the Pegase and Risques hubs, thereby creating a new model of growth and innovation. It aims to become the leading specialised European network in innovative security solutions. With over 600 members, SAFE Cluster intends to play a significant role in the industrial security sector, which is witnessing high growth on a French and global level; with an annual progression of 7%. To this end, SAFE is supported by the networks, expertise and tools of its two founding clusters.


Activity: SATT SUD-EST boosts the competitiveness of companies through innovation stemming from public research of south eastern France. Its core business involves bringing inventions developed by its shareholder research bodies to readiness on legal (intellectual property), economic (market) and technical (proof of concept) levels. SATT aims at transferring innovative technologies stemming from its shareholders to the economic fabric while granting operating licenses to companies.


Activity: Schrader is the specialist for designing and manufacturing high engineered valves, fluidic technologies and mechatronics. Schrader means fluid control and pressure management for a large range of fluids such as air, nitrogen, air conditioning gas, water, fuels and oils. Schrader is able to design and manufacture several functionalities such as charging port, safety valves as pressure relief valve of thermal relief valve, pressure and flow regulators, check valves, fast and safety connections. Schrader is able to propose valves on catalogue or customized solutions and whatever the technical solutions, we focus on design to cost solutions for customers benefit. You can find our valves on the engine circuit, on the air conditioning lines, on the hydraulic circuits, on the pressurized tanks for example on the pressure accumulators.


Activity: SOLCERA have extensive know-how in designing and manufacturing technical ceramics, as well as glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal assemblies. Our products and solutions are based on advanced technologies, making use of a wide range of oxide and non-oxide ceramics developed in-house. Our facilities at Evreux and Moissy-Cramayel are both vertically integrated, giving us complete control over the entire manufacturing process: powder preparation, shaping, heat treatment, machining, finishing, assembling and inspection. The production of prototypes as well as small and medium-sized series is carried out by our specialists, whose broad expertise and know-how have built our company’s reputation for excellence. Our process and materials competencies, combined with the exceptional characteristics of high-performance ceramics, give us a strong presence across a number of cutting-edge industries such as aeronautics, aerospace, agriculture, national defense, nuclear power, luxury goods and research. Remaining attentive to the needs of our customers and focusing on co-development, we design and manufacture products that meet the most demanding environments: corrosive or abrasive applications, high temperature, electrical insulation, high pressure, cryogenics, vacuum and ultra-vacuum resistance.


Activity: SOVAIC has been a specialist in the plastic materials sector since 1964. In 1994, it decided to invest in processing. Our business today:the manufacture of all industrial technical parts, from prototyping to mass production, in a very wide range of thermoplastics. Manufacturing thermoplastic and composite parts with: 6 turnings centers (two 5 axes one 9 axes), 7 milling centers whose capacities are: one 6000 on 1400; one 5 axes 3000 on 2000.
Special processes, MMT, assembly, sticking, cryogenics, stabilization, laser marking.

Innovation oor innovative process : High performance material Co-développement.


Activity: SWISSTO12 is an innovative technology company that spun off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2011. The company pioneers the development and commercialization of Radio-Frequency (RF) antenna, waveguide and filter products based on additive manufacturing. The product portfolio includes: Additive manufactured (3D Printed) antenna, waveguide and filter components for microwave and mm-wave signals. Monolithic components are 3D printed out of advanced polymer materials and subsequently metal plated. SWISSto12's proprietary and innovative manufacturing technique allows for: reduced costs, reduced lead times, reduced component weight, increase in RF design flexibility. A Material Characterisation Kit (MCK) that enables mm-wave and THz material permittivity and permeability measurement. Corrugated waveguides and adaptors for low-loss mm-wave and THz signal transmission. For the aeronautic field, the company develops additive manufacturing antennas and other RF products for multi-band communications, navigation and radars.


Activity: TAV VACUUM FURNACES designs and manufactures advanced vacuum furnaces with the highest quality standards in a wide range of geometries and dimensions. Started in 1984, TAV has produced more than 700 vacuum furnaces, now installed and running in over 45 countries around the world by the most prestigious companies in the aerospace, automotive, medical, tools, and energy industries. TAV VACUUM FURNACES continuously develops its technology and vacuum furnaces through a close collaboration with its customers and partners.


Activity: TECHNICOM is specialized in On site electrical and electronic subcontracting and in the Development and production of electronic assemblies. We offer: Global solutions for design and manufacturing of electrical and mechanical assemblies - Services in global production - Maintenance, back into compliance, adding functions to operational equipment - Industrialization of products or services - Integration of equipment, wiring and electrical modifications - Tests and measurements : Instrumentation, preparation and conduct of tests.

Innovation or innovative process: Hybrid patented PV-Diesel electrical generator to meet the demand of renewable electricity production in isolated sites.


Activity: TECMATEL ADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY is specialized in design of complex adhesive solutions, manufacturing of unique products and customized by transformation of adhesive materials, quality control and delivery. Far from standard solutions, our products are able to meet complex needs. We ensure production on our machines that perform four types of advanced cutouts to transform adhesive materials: rotary, water jet and laser cutting. Our team brings together expertise and quality to provide flawless products that meet the requirements of each sector.


Activity: Our mission is to insure the performance, the impact strength and the safety of the information critical systems (IT, D&R) of our customers confronted with the numerous headways(overhangs) of the data processing and with the constant evolutions. Transform the model towards an approach Services, catalyzed by the new possibilities offered by Digitalization. Develop a better knowledge of users practices to strengthen the services efficiency. Run new use case. Secure end to end solutions. Contribution of industrial know-how of the data processing for the realization of the critical systems: algorithmic skills, Methodology of system integration, capacity of systems operation. Flight dynamics. Observation (images treatment, risks and environment). Ground components (controls center and mission). Navigation (performance, location and integrity).


Activity: Touchline Interactive is providing Virtual & Augmented Reality software technology and services. Our mission is to help companies that are facing significant challenges in the areas of maintenance, training, inspection and production. Our solutions are reducing the risks and improving productivity & efficiency by guiding the operators and technicians in their working tasks. We have skills and experience in the domain of 3D digital mockup processing and visualization. We have recently developed a solution addressing corrective maintenance in the aeronautical industry.

Innovation or innovative process: We are providing a software suite to capture and integrate augmented reality contents. We are also working on an innovative hand-free augmented reality display paradigm that does not require headed mounted device.


Activity: As one of Switzerland’s longest-established industrial companies, Von Roll focuses on products and systems for electrical power generation, power transmission and industrial applications. Von Roll’s business portfolio is divided into the following businesses:

  • Von Roll Insulation offers electrical insulation products, systems and services for generators, high- and low-voltage motors, transformers and other applications.
  • Von Roll Composites produces composite materials and parts for a variety of industrial equipment.
  • Von Roll BHU Umwelttechnik GmbH provides solutions for process engineering tasks in the field of water and wastewater management.